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Welcome To Youbetme!

Youbetme is a social betting app that lets you bet on anything with your friends. Turn life’s everyday events into bettable moments.

Youbetme Social Betting Application Real Time Betting Stream

Social Betting Stream

See a real-time stream of what your friends have been betting on. Check who wins, who loses, and who pays up.

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No Internet or Smartphone?

No problem! Use our patent-pending text message betting system to bet your friends from any location.


Bet your friends on anything, anywhere, anytime!

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Click the link below to download the app for iOS or to become an Android beta tester.

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Easily invite friends from your phone’s contacts or Facebook and set the betting terms.

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Profiles hold friends’ street-cred accountable by keeping track of who wins, and who pays up.


Check back soon for the new and improved version

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Youbetme Social Betting Application Press Release News Article

Youbetme Social Betting App Goes from Strength to Strength

August 29th, 2014

The last time Jason Neubauer was a guest on CalvinAyre, he was preparing to launch his social betting application Youbetme. That was 10-months ago and I have asked him back onto the show to tell me how progress has been. The last time we last spoke you told me that people had been wagering since the beginning of time. As that trend continued with Youbetme? “It’s been awesome. Within the first 90 days we broke over 100,000 downloads and hit as high as number five in the app store charts in the US.”


Youbetme Social Betting Application Press Release News Article The Independent

‘You bet me?’ How a new generation of apps are combining social media and gambling

February 12th, 2014

Youbetme, another custom-bet facilitator based in the US, knows its market; suggested wagers include “who can make out with the hot girl at the bar?” with potential prizes including “10 shots of sambuca”.To sidestep the many regulatory problems, Youbetme doesn’t facilitate real-money betting; indeed, valueless virtual currencies are often used in social gaming as a benign alternative to the real thing. But perhaps it’s establishing social-gaming behaviours that’s the key to future business success; persuade us that something is fun now, prise real money out of us later.

Youbetme Social Betting Application Press Release News Article The Venture Beat

Youbetme will turn you into a social better before the Superbowl

January 31st, 2014

Keeping track of all your casual bets while watching sports can be a pain in the ass, and handshakes don’t exactly guarantee your friends will pay up.New mobile betting startup YouBetMe thinks there’s plenty of room for improvement and thus is launching its service ahead of Sunday’s Superbowl game.The service, which we first saw way back at DEMO 2012, is basically a middle ground between shaking hands and going to a professional bookie that can give you odds and whatnot. Yet the app doesn’t handle any monetary transactions — that still happens directly between betters. “We think there’s a lot of potential in the storytelling of betting,” said Youbetme founder and CEO Jason Neubauer in an interview with VentureBeat.

Youbetme Social Betting Application Press Release News Article The Next Web

Youbetme officially launches its social betting iPhone app in time for the Super Bowl

January 30th, 2014

You can bet real money in YouBetMe, but there’s no payment system in place in the app, so you’ll have to track your friends down to hard cash. Reneging on a bet will show up on your profile in the app, and founder Jason Neubauer said that the company hasn’t had any problems with users welching on their bets. The startup also plans to add a feature where you can have a third-party act as a witness for the bet in order to determine who wins. The app also includes an interesting SMS system where you can place bets by text message when you don’t have an Internet connection. “We’re taking betting back to its good name,” Neubauer said.

Youbetme Social Betting Application Press Release News Article Forbes

Can The Gambling Industry Ever Become A Force For Good?

January 15th, 2014

On the opposite coast, YouBetMe has recently released analysis of user behavior, which shows that people are interested in betting for social rewards, with over half of the bets made on its platform for beer wagers and a remarkable 18% for what are termed affection and sexual favours. Jason Neubauer CEO of YouBetMe says that betting between individuals is as socially bonding today as it used to be in bygone days.

Youbetme Social Betting Application Press Release News Article Forbes

Can Sports Betting Cash in on the Social Betting Boom?

December 11th, 2013

Silicon Valley based Social Bet Inc. Both have launched peer-to-peer social betting services, which as it suggests, enables gamblers to bet against each other as individuals rather than against a market of betting odds. YouBetMe by Social Bet Inc was the first social bet app to hit the stores. The company describes it as a mechanism for “virtual handshakes”, on anything from World Series predictions, a round of golf with a friend, Dancing with the Stars winners, the arrival of the next royal baby, or the outcome of a beer pong game.

Youbetme Social Betting Application Press Release News Article Blood Sweat and Cheers

November 1st, 2013

Life is full of broken promises. McDonald’s Dollar Menu? It’s now more than a dollar to get a stomachache! Though we can’t help you that problem, we can make sure people are held accountable for the bets they make with you … with Youbetme! Ensuring everyone thinks twice before “shaking on it,” Youbetme is the firs mobile social betting platform. Turning any event into a wager-able moment, the app makes it easy to choose a bet type—custom, sports or live Vegas odds—set terms and make losers pay up (or run naked laps, if those are the stakes). Bet on games, who will get booted from The Voice or whether or not your friend can snag a number at the bar! Keep stakes private or share ‘em with your ninety-bazillion Facebook friends. And did we mention it’s totally legal?! So while you may end up with a shaved head or less money, at least you won’t end up in jail!

Youbetme Social Betting Application Press Release News Article Innovate Gaming

Youbetme debuts first mobile-social betting platform

October 29th, 2013

Social Bet Inc launches Youbetme, the first comprehensive mobile-social betting platform designed to turn daily events into betable moments and capitalise on the consumer desire to bet on anything, anywhere, anytime. Youbetme supports the latest iOS versions, including iOS7, and soon Android mobile devices and tablets. Youbetme uses SMS or native iOS to enable friends to place friendly wagers, “virtual handshakes”, on anything from World Series predictions, a round of golf with a friend, Dancing with the Stars winners, the arrival of the next royal baby, or the outcome of a beer pong game.

Youbetme Social Betting Application Press Release News Article Calvin Ayre

Youbetme launches the first mobile social betting platform

October 23rd, 2013

Youbetme, the mobile social betting platform, is the first app of its kind to hit the Apple App Store as its creators Social Bet Inc. strive to make casual betting easier and more enjoyable. Despite the bad rap that gambling often gets in the public eye, there are very few people who never participate in one form of gambling or another. The twisted view of the bright lights of Las Vegas often belies the fact that people are betting on absolutely anything, which is a fact the creators of Youbetme are more than aware of.

Youbetme Social Betting Application Press Release News Article Calvin Ayre

March 15th, 2013

With the news of the InTrade meltdown still reverberating around the gambling halls, you would expect that start-ups like Youbetme would be wondering what the hell they have gotten themselves into? Not so according to Kent Bernhard Jr, from the Upstart Business Journal who has been speaking to the co-founder and CEO Jason Neubauer.

Youbetme Social Betting Application Press Release News Article Upstart Business Journal

Youbetme founder ups the ante

March 11th, 2013

The fate of InTrade, the online gambling site that shut down late Sunday, doesn’t scare Jason Neubauer. The co-founder and CEO of YouBetMe is steaming forward with plans to launch his iOS app for social gambling next month, taking the label “beta” off his site and opening his community beyond the 5,000 who have been testing it. He thinks he can avoid the kind of trouble that befell InTrade (and Betcha before it) by avoiding any handling of money between people who use his site to bet with each other.

Youbetme Social Betting Application Press Release News Article Online Casino Archives

Bet against your friends with new social gambling app

October 28th, 2012

Youbetme is a social betting app that lets you place bets against your friends. Best of all, according to its founder, Jason Neubauer, it is completely legal. At the recent DEMO conference in Silicon Valley, Neubauer said that the possible problems with the service are just a sign that is a demand for it, “where there’s red flags there’s opportunity”. He went on to say that peer-to-peer betting is actually legal and “in no way, shape, or form are we doing anything other than letting people have fun.”

Youbetme Social Betting Application Press Release News Article The Social Media Monthly

Youbetme: Far and away the best consumer mobile app launched at DEMO

October 8th, 2012

Another very well received launch was from Social Bet Inc. presenting their soon to be released app: You Bet Me. Far and away the best consumer mobile app launched at Demo, You Bet Me provides a platform to allow users to make bets with each other on sports, or really whatever you like. And if someone welches on a bet, well, their entire social network will know about it. My biggest concern about the app was more ethical than anything else, as it is an app that encourages and makes gambling easier.

Youbetme Social Betting Application Press Release News Article Tech Crunch

One of the most interesting startups to emerge from DEMO

October 5th, 2012

YouBetMe is an app that lets you challenge your friends (and strangers) to a wager about anything — at anytime. The app lets you capitalize on all of life’s betting opportunities, whether it’s on Monday Night Football, whether your startup will get covered by TechCrunch, how many Jello shots you can take, etc. Users can also create and confirm bets on the go through the app’s SMS-based betting platform, tracking betting data and view public ratings designed to keep bettors honest.

Youbetme Social Betting Application Press Release News Article Upstart Business Journal

Youbetme: Social media for gamblers isn’t gambling

October 4th, 2012

Youbetme is a social platform for gamblers that will allow users to place peer-to-peer bets, and it’s founder says it’s totally legal. And at the DEMO conference in Silicon Valley, although he acknowledged reason to be cautious, Jason Neubauer said the possible problems with such a service are just a sign of the demand. “Where there’s red flags there’s opportunity,” Neubauer, cofounder and chief executive, toldUpstart Business Journal on Wednesday. “And the word bet already has a negative connotation about it. Peer-to-peer betting is actually legal,” he said. “But in no way, shape, or form are we doing anything other than letting people have fun.”

Youbetme Social Betting Application Press Release News Article Examiner

Youbetme - A new twist on building communities of shared interests

October 4th, 2012

A couple of sites offered new twists on building communities of shared interests. Youbetme lets users place a bet on anything, anywhere and anytime with friends using technology that tracks payment terms and even has a community rating system. “There was nothing that let you bet easily with your friends,” explained CEO Jason Neubauer when asked about the motivation for starting such a site.

Youbetme Social Betting Application Press Release News Article Venture Beat

Place bets and backup your bravado with mobile app Youbetme

October 3rd, 2012

Competitive types (you know who are you) have a new way to track of the success rate of their bravado thanks to the beta release of mobile app Youbetme. Youbetme is a product for people, especially sports fans, who want to flex their muscles, intellectual or otherwise, and challenge their friends to bets, big or small, with wagers attached.

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Youbetme Social Betting Application Co Founders Justin Jarman and Jason Neubauer
Founders Jason Neubauer and Justin Jarman have been betting with friends since they can remember. They wanted to create something that was fun, easy, and kept their friends accountable for their wagers. Jason and Justin translated their vision into “youbetme” with the technical expertise of Nils Lahr, a recognized technology leader and Co-founder of 8 high-tech startups.
Youbetme is a one-of-a-kind experience that allows you to place a friendly wager with anyone, about anything, at any time. Youbetme tracks your opponents, the bet terms, and the outcome of the bet in a few easy steps.
Our goal is to create a product that everybody can enjoy. We can only do this with your feedback! Got an opinion? We want it! Send your opinions to and we’ll do the best we can to implement them. We appreciate your support!

Jason Neubauer

Jason Neubauer

CEO and Co-founder

Jason is a passionate entrepreneur who translates vision into reality. His unique personality, work ethic, and passion set him on the track to create his own opportunities from a young age. A leader, and naturally charismatic, he’s built an experienced team for Social Bet Inc. and fearlessly launched forward as a regarded thought leader in social betting space. Jason’s first venture was an event planning company which he ran while still attending university–the business still runs to this day.
He’s shockingly talented at Pop-a-Shot and you can generally find him at Mauna Loa in San Francisco. He’ll probably be betting people for drinks – using Youbetme, of course.

Justin Jarman

Justin Jarman

President and Co-founder

Prior to co-founding Social Bet, Inc. Justin served as Managing Partner at OmegaGE, an opportunistic venture capital firm based out of New York.
Justin has played early roles in multiple startups that have shown solid success including Mobli and (, both of which have received significant venture capital backing. Justin also serves as an Executive Mentor at NYU Stern’s Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. At Berkley, Justin guides a number of entrepreneurs in this program by helping them cultivate their business endeavors. Justin handles the corporate structuring for Social Bet, Inc., along with the long term strategic vision and business development.
When Justin is not shouldering the company’s whiskey tasting Wednesday’s, he loves placing prop bets on anything and everything.

Nils Lahr

Nils Lahr


Nils is a recognized technology leader and Co-Founder of 8 high-tech startups, Nils Lahr has spent the last 17 years driving some of the most advanced Internet and communication projects and solutions in the world as both lead architect and inventor. Nils has been leading development at Orions Systems, a high-tech startup, and working on a groundbreaking new digital management framework focused on enabling CV and large data processing tasks.
Nils has also been investing in and co-founding Synergy Sports Technologies, a company that owns and operates the world’s first high-volume, real-time, video-indexing statistical engine and online retrieval platform, and provides services that are used by professional sports teams, broadcasters, and fortune 500 businesses around the world. Synergy is used by 86% of all professional basketball leagues worldwide.
Nils was the CTO and co-founder of iBEAM Broadcasting, where he was the architect of the first distributed ‘Edge’ Internet delivery service. iBEAM raised over 400 million in funding and was responsible for 80% of all the streaming media on the Internet in 2000. In 2001, iBEAM went public and reached a market cap of just over 2 billion dollars.Additionally, as a key developer and strategist at VXtreme (a Stanford University startup company), Nils became one of the lead architects, developers and co-founder of the Windows Media solutions at Microsoft after the company purchased VXtreme for over 50 million in cash and stock options.
Nils also worked at CNN America as the architect of their first fully digital studio and automated publishing platform. While at CNN, Nils also invented the world’s first live broadcast stock ticker. In addition to CNN and Microsoft, Nils has worked and consulted for numerous top companies in the world, including Bell Atlantic/Verizon Communications, Boeing, PCCW, The US Air Force, Fox News Broadcasting, CNET, Bloomberg Network, Warner Brothers, US Web, and Lucent Technologies just to name a few.


Brad Stroh

Brad Stroh

Board of Directors

Prior to founding and Freedom Financial Network, Brad Stroh was an investor in financial services and growth companies at TA Associates, a private equity fund,CIVC Partners, an investment fund, and Doll Capital Management, a venture capital firm.
Brad is currently the CEO of and has also been named to the Inc 500 multiple years, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Hot 100 list, and included in the most influential “40 under 40″ leaders in the San Francisco Bay Area by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. Brad is very passionate about this space.
Stroh received his MBA from Stanford Business School, where he was an Arjay Miller Scholar, and received a BA from Amherst College, where he captained the men’s Lacrosse team.

Reed Shaffner

Reed Shaffner


Reed is currently the Founder and Co-CEO at Workpop. Prior to starting Workpop Reed was the VP of product at Scopely, successfully launching 4 #1 overall apps in a row on iOS. Reed was also a General Manager at Zynga where he focused on the mobile platform and the With Friends Network.
Reed is also an Associate partner at Ironfire Capital. They invest in early stage startups with a combination of active and passive participation in China and US technology industry within the mobile, big data, and cloud computing sectors.

Brad Klaus

Brad Klaus


Brad is a demonstrated leader in capitalizing on the growth of social and commerce interactions in online media. Before founding Extole, he was founder and CEO of next-generation direct response leader Syndero. Earlier, Brad was Vice President of Sales at Qualys, Inc., and held management positions at leading SaaS providers, such as DemandTec, Siebel Systems and Raima Corporation.
He serves on the Board of Directors of Syndero and the Electronic Retailing Association, and holds B.S. degrees in Integrative Biology and Economics from the University of California at Berkeley.

Eric Kroll

Eric Kroll


Eric Kroll is an entrepreneur, investor, and consultant/advisor to high growth companies, in spaces ranging from sports/entertainment/gaming to social media to healthcare to financial services. Companies/clients include American Express, Betfair, the Professional Poker League, PayPal,, CBS Sports, and Stubhub.

His broad and practical experience helps people, ideas, and organizations realize their full potential. His skill set includes growth strategy, marketing, product/business development, customer loyalty/experience, and team building/culture. He holds an MBA from Stanford and BA with honors from Brown University, and currently resides in New York City with frequent stints in SF & LA.  Find more info about Eric at

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